Japanese Quail falling over.


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Feb 23, 2014
Just had my third bird in the space of a year been caught laying on her back feet in the air, I put her on her feet and she is struggling to walk, she just shuffles, Any idea what this is, The other two died but im putting this down to old age. Some i have seem to be out lasting the younger ones,My oldest two i have as pets and are nearly four years old now, What is the life of the male and female Japanese Quail?

It is possible this is from old. However if they flush up into the ceiling or walls of their pen or cage, they can damage their spinal cords or cause brain inflammation. This always causes the bird to lose it's ability to walk. Some survive, some don't. Supportive care is what saves them. Offer up heat in a quiet isolated place, you may have to hold food for the bird in your hand, hold the bird and dip the beak in the water once an hour, etc...Basically feed and water the bird and keep them warm and clean for a few days. Sometimes if the damage to the neck and brain are not that bad, the bird survives.

The average lifespan of captive quail is 2 to 5 years. Some can live a lot longer than this if kept well.
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She seems happy enough, The male is old and he just sits next to her to keep her company..These are some I have bred, super tame and friendly. She doesnt seem to get any worse, she just isnt that active anymore..


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