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8 Years
May 23, 2011
I have been hanging around for a long time reading and reading and reading LOL. Recently we have started aquiring some breeds that we used to have but when we moved to the city had to rehome. We are starting out with hatchery birds this time around. I hope to start breeding them so want to aquire a lot better birds as we move through this adventure but we had to start somewhere. My problem has been we got some black tail white japenese from McMurray (not impressed over all) we had a high death rate with these. The majority of the rest of the order lived but the death rate was higher that what I was comfortable with. Then we ordered some Buff Black Tail Japs from Cackle the birds over all were a lot nicer but we still lost half of those japs. Are these little guys just harder to raise in the first week that what I am used to? Hubby's perspective is all our other birds are doing great so its not something we are doing and we just need to keep trying. His solution order more. For the next round should I do anything special for these little guys and gals?
I am new to this site, and have also been doing a lot of reading. But I just bought 2 Yokohama chicks, a black tail white Japanese, and a black tail buff Japanese bantam last Wednesday. I bought them from my local feed store, and they got them from McMurray Hatchery. I have them in a brooder, and they are all healthy and seem to be doing well. They all seem to be good quality. But I have noticed the bantams are a little more laid back and aren't as energetic as the Yokohamas. I'm sorry for your loss, and hope you have better luck this time. Hope this helps!

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