Jax almost died!! Freak accident!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I needed to go out to check on the chickens and take them a treat, so I left our 6 month old GSD, Jax, loose in the house instead of putting him in his crate.
I've done this a few times before and he's always waited right inside the kitchen door for me to return.
Today, I guess he decided to explore the forbidden room (the bathroom) while I was gone.
When I came back in - I swear I don't think I was gone more than 5 or 10 minutes - the first thing I noticed was the cats acting freaky. Then I called Jax and he didn't come. I ran thru the house and found him hanging by his collar from the door handle on a bathroom cabinet. The collar was snagged in the center of it, not just hung over.
I can't lift him anymore and the tension on the collar was too tight for me to be able to unhook it.
His eyes were rolling back in his head and he was gasping for air.
I grabbed my scissors from my sewing cabinet and cut the collar off.
Lesson learned - No more collar in the house and always in the crate when I have to step out.
Silly mutt! Bad Mama! I'm now at least 10 years older than I was just an hour ago!
Wow....I am too speechless to offer anything other than this...
The only thing I can figure out is that he was investigating the litter box
, which is directly across from the cabinet or one of the cats might have been in the bathroom and ran past him causing him to turn around quickly and he snagged himself.
He's in that awkward teenage stage, all legs and tail.

Thanks for the hugs. I needed them.
Had something very similar happen to me with my GSD when he was about 18 months old. He was in his kennel, not crate but kennel. I was outside and he saw me playing with another dog, he had tried to push the kennel door open. My kennels have double latches, one about four feet off the ground and one near the ground. The bottom latch was not closed and he pushed his head out, pulled it back in but the collar got hooked up.

I pulled back harder and broke the gate, came flying in at him and he panicked. Long story short, the kennel ended up falling over and in and on him, he was screaming and I was desperately trying to hold the kennel up and unhook the collar at the same time.

What saved his life? his training, I was able to give him the formal command for down and he calmed down enough to allow me to hold the kennel up while I untwisted his collar. If he had not been so willing to lay still while he was choking to death I would no longer have him.

Sorry you had this scare Gritsar ((hugs)) but you both made it thru and lesson learned

I hate those kind of accidents.Never in million years would you have thought the dog was going to get hung up on a cabinet and almost strangle his self.Glad you were able to save him,a few more min's outside and...

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