Jersey Giants (Black Giants) are they flighty?


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Apr 15, 2013
Hello everybody,

Im new to the forum and to raising chickens. I'm picking up 4 baby chicks next week, 1 Buff Orph, 1 Speck Sussex, and 1 light Brahmas. I was either going to get a 2nd Brahmas or change one to a Black Giant.

Most of those other breeds i chose were docile and non-flighty. Ive been doing a lot of reading on the Black Giants and the general consensus is they have similar personalities.

Anybody know if they would be considered flighty birds?

With how big they are they can't be flighty too easily
. But why switch one out to a Jersey Giant if you could get a Brahma chick
I would still be getting a Brahma chick this would just be adding a fourth chicken to my flock. I like the idea of having a nice variety
I have a Black Jersey Giant "Ruby Begonia" and she is the biggest and the the sweetest of my my small flock of 5 girls. She loves for me to hold her ( I think she does anyway) and is the only one that is that docile and non flighty. Enjoy!

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