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Apr 26, 2009
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Jessica Simpson was on Oprah today and during a conversation about the "mom jeans" incident she stated that in the pics she was a size 4 and that the biggest she had ever been was a size 6.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (sp?) stated on Tyra (I think it was last year? ) that she was a size 2.

Let me say that I in no way think these ladies are fat but I am having a hard time believing they are the sizes they claim. They both look like a healthy size 7/8 to me. Does the camera really make you look that much bigger or do you think they are not telling the truth? I think it makes you look really stupid to go on TV and speak out against the press making women feel bad about their weight and then not tell the truth about your own jean size.
The camera REALLY makes you look 20 lbs more. Trust me on that! If she looks like an 8 to you on TV then you can bet she's a 4, maybe a 6 tops. But really, who cares anyway?
sizing has changed. I've gone back and forth between 5 and 8 most of my life. Even super thin, my bone structure wouldn't let me get below a 5. These days when I am on the low end, I can fit into twos! What the heck is up with that? I've tried those size 2 hip huggers on before and the waist is HUGE... way to big for me.

Those are my thoughts... they have changed sizing for whatever reason. All my old pants still fit in the sizes I am use to, so it's not my body.
I think people worry too much about these things. Personally I don't care if they are size 1 it doesn't affect me. It also doesn't affect my kids because we don't watch TV. I tell them they are gorgeous girls all the time, and they do not have weight or self esteem issues. Yeah it stinks that people put so much emphasis on appearance, but it only affects kids whose parents let it if you ask me. The industry should be ashamed for projecting such image oriented stupidity, but....they aren't and everyone still pays for TV because most feel like they can't live without it. I blame everyone for creating such a culture to begin with. I paid to watch that crap on TV too at some point. That is encouraging more of the same. I'm just saying if you want to see a change stop throwing money at these people for more of what you don't want because that's what it'll be. Oprah likely got good ratings today and that's all the encouragement needed. That's just my perspective and I don't miss TV either

Luckily you didn't see the second segment on Oprah - Chinese getting plastic surgery for "western round eyes". Chinese little girls thinking barbie (blond and blue eyed) was perfect - and the best part, Chinese paying to have their legs broken and extended to be an inch or two taller! It's really a shame that western culture and media destroys so many lives with their unattainable, photo shopped and air brushed lies! I think I'm going to turn off my TV too soon!
It depends on where you shop. Many companies have "adjusted" sizing so what was a 6 10 years ago is now a 2. Now if you compare sizing, look at dress patterns, they still use the old sizing, and there my measurements are 4 dress sizes large (number wise) than the tag in dresses I buy.
I used to wear size 4 before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I found I couldn't fit into my pants. I gave them to a co-worker, a slender 18 yr old gal. She said, "Thank you, but these are too big for me. I wear a size 0." Sometimes you just want to slap people
They just shop for brands that have adjusted sizes so that obtuse women are led to believe they aren't as large as they are.

I don't understand why us women put up with our method of sizing, anyway. I know exactly what to buy when I get my SO pants, because men base their sizes on what size they are, not on vague inaccuracy designed soothe any insecurities they may have about their figure. But when I buy pants, god help me, because I'm anywhere between a 4 to a 12 in one store alone, and there's no way to pick out anything without recreating the Rocky Mountains out of clothes in the dressing rooms. Gah!
my best friend is ridiculously small. wears a size 0 or 2 depending. but she also eats whatever she feels like. she apparently has a ridiculous metabolism. her older brother is the same way and is desperate to gain some weight, so he eats butter straight and fast food all the time to try to put on some weight and not look like he'll disappear if he turns sideways. it hasn't worked yet.

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