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    Apr 2, 2014
    Hi there. I'm slow to join via computer but my eggs were set on March 14,. I eagerly await little chirps. I set 12 mixed barnyard eggs. I got on E-bay. I also set 8 guinea eggs. I know they wont hatch until after easter.
    I have tried to incubate eggs for three years. Not much success. If it could happen, it did. I bought an incubator on line that is forced air, automatic egg turner heat and, humidity control. Pretty fancy. .After eggs were in it for 5-7 days it stopped working. Lost all my eggs. And then began an ineffective dialog with china. Short story, I took the incubator to a local repair shop and paid to have it fixed.
    The next year I pulled out the incubator and set 12 eggs only to realize after about a week that the egg turner wasnt plugged in. The repair shop had disconected it. Only 1 chic hatched. He turned out to be a rooster. I had to send him to the farm when he started cookadoodling. I live in a city.
    So I try again. So far so good. I'm afraid to candle them, because I seem to always have such bad luck. I don't want to do anything I will worry about later.
    I'm happy to join in the hatch along.
    Cathy from Kansas
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