Journalist looking for urban chicken owner for interview

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    Dec 8, 2009
    Are you proud of your flock and want to cluck about it? I'm doing a piece for a Chinese publication called about the recent US trend of owning backyard chickens. The piece will be published in English and Chinese, which means that if you speak to me and I quote you, you'll get to see what your name looks like in characters.

    I'm looking for one or more folks who live in US cities or suburbs who got chickens recently. It'll be a quick interview, just tell me why you decided to get chickens, how many you have, what you use them for (eggs, meat, fun, etc), and anything else you find important. Also, is it legal to have chickens were you live, and was that something that was a result of a recent law change.

    Email me directly at OrangeClouds115 at gmail dot com please

    Many thanks. Oh, and off topic, tomorrow is Chicks Hatch Day at my house!! My little "sizzle" (Silkie/Frizzle Cochin mix) Frizzy has been on her eggs for 20 days now, with two casualties - one egg got crushed and one got eaten, I suspect both by my Barred Rock, our movie star Goldie Hen. So she's got 4 eggs left and our fingers are crossed.

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