Jumping Quail!!!


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11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
It's me again...and I need help!!! My quail just started jumping up in her aquarium and hitting her head on the top. She is okay, but I am worried!!! We tried turning the light off and that worked, but will that always work???
Mine bounces around every night.I had netting on top....then a baking rack,then a softer top................now back to rack with papertowels so she wont hurt herself............I need to build a bigger pen for her I guess....the do like to pop around
they do it everytime they get startled, like popcorn popping,lol. u need a higher top and something they can't get hurt on. we did ours when we had them a few years ago 18" or higher and the top of cages were chicken wire to allow flexability.
hope that helps,
Thank you. The only problem is, is that I don't know what is scaring her. I know she can see her reflection in the glass, and there is a birght light above her, but could either of those be what is scaring her?
I think I am going to try getting a colored light, because I am keeping my quail in a 29 gallon aquarium for now. Maybe she'll calm down once I get her some friends!
do u only have one? what breed of quail is it? they get pretty lonely should have friends definately. colored lighting is for keeping birds from pecking one another so that probably will not work.
Yes I only have one, and it is a button quail. I a going to get it a friend on Wednesday. And thank you about the light, I just thought it was to calm them down.

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