Just a bit worried about poo color in new chicks..


7 Years
May 7, 2012
We went to a local auction and got chicks.. we were VERY surprised with how cheap the chicks were selling for (hardly anyone buying and none selling for over a dollar and now I'm worried it's because they are known to be in bad health or something..
We were really just going to watch for peachicks but, of course, the babies are so cute we ended up with 15 barred rock, (5 of them are about 2 weeks old, the rest are now 3 days old) 4 Ameracauna (about a week and a half old) and then 10 mixed breed who are now 3 days old.. no clue yet what thye are, will post piucs but I think they are mutts)

Some of the chicks appeared to have a slight bit of blood in the stool (clearish pinkish discharge appeared in the shavings) but then I went through my normal clean the butts of the babies and found some plugged up and some that looked sore from having been plugged up, so I assumed it was from that.. This morning there was some red in the poop that
I worried was blood but from looking at the poop pic link on another thread, I'm not as worried. We will, however, be grabbing some better food. No staples.. anything like that that they could have access too.. 4 of the chicks (the ameracaunas) seem to be slightly lethargic still so I am going to seperate them although, they've all been together for 4 days now, I'm assuming if there is damage to be done, it's done..
We grabbed some chick starter from the place at the same time since we didn't have any and I haven't ever used medicated chick feed on my chicks before (I used to always hatch them myself or get a rare few from reputable places) but now we are going to grab some as well as some plain yogurt, something extra to help with hydration..etc.
All of the chicks, aside from the Ameracaunas, seem perfectly normal, popping all over and acting like normal hyper chicks, even the ameracaunas are acting normal, they are just slightly puffed.
Going to head to tractor supply and grab some better stuff and then hopefully everyone will be feeling better. If anyone can think of anything else we can do, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much:)

- Sarah
Well we got the medicated feed, I also started them on some homemade electrolyte added to their water and then we purchased some poultry vitamin/electrolyte additive when we got the medicated feed. I had them outside yesterday in the sun, we had alot of fun, they all think I'm momma, of course, so they hung right around me and followed me around.. and since I was right there I was able to keep dipping the 4 Ameracauna chicks' beaks into the water to get them to drink .. in no time they were much more active..
Yesterday evening after I set them up with the medicated feed/better water I was a bit worried as one of the 4 really seemed to be lethargic, so I made a thin mash and force fed her, thoroughly pissing her off, but then she started to take some of the food on her own. this morning she is still a bit droopy with her wings but she is eating on her own.
If I do purchase chicks from an auction in the future, I will make sure they go on medicated feed as soon as they get home. and check those cute little chicken butts for caked on poo.. they are probly gonna be a bit dehydrated from being stuck in those cardboard boxes all day.
My family thinks I'm nuts and were telling me that it's just normal to lose a few chicks.. no one normally goes so crazy checking chicken butts..etc.. but, sorry, If I take a few minutes to clean caked poo off a chicks tiny little butt, and I save a few from dying.. well, then I don't end up losing those chicks, duh. I guess they just think it's gross.. but I'm walking around with them sitting on my shoulders and sleeping in my shirt, so I'm not worried about a little mess, it's simple enough to take a shower :D
thanks for the help!!

- Sarah
How old are they that you took them outside? I am a new chicken mom to ten brown leghorns, picked them up yesterday and yes I also keep checking their bums.
Yepp, the youngest were maybe 4 days old or so.. The oldest maybe close to 2 weeks? I'm not sure entirely on the oldest as I got em from the auction..
At any rate, I've lost 3 of the smallest, I am still worried about 2 of them, and we have outings everyday during which everyone is eating lots of bugs and even taking tiny adorable baby chick dirt baths.. they are in their ginormous coop now so they have much more room, they have a playground of branches to hop around on and they seem happy, whenever I go in they crowd around, which makes me happy:)
All poop looks normal now, but I still check little chicky bums;p

- Sarah

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