Just another DOG attack, With complications...

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    Mar 13, 2008
    Southern Indiana
    My Mother lives in the house behind mine, Walk thru the backyard into her backyard...
    My son and his girl and baby moved in with mom because she has a BIG house, lots of room, all by herself, Besides he has always been Nana's boy!
    Well... He also brought his dog, that he does not show much responsibility for. Mom does it all.
    Maggie (the dog) is a sweety pie to other dogs, cats, kids, and people, but Nick (my DS) lets her run loose and she has gotten a few of my chickens.
    The first time, she got my phoenix roo, but he got away with all his feathers missing from his back and tail. a small cut on his back that I nursed and it healed very well.
    I threw a fit to Nick and Mom and they apologised, and swore it would not happen again.
    But it did!
    She got loose again and killed a couple of cochin babys I hatched that were just a couple months old. I literally beat the pee out of her, and threw yet another fit!!
    My fits are not working.
    Today, Maggie gets out of the house and attacks my Turkey Roo that is about 5 months old.
    He got away but has a lot of feathers missing from his back and tail!! But my Phoenix roo was not so lucky, and he is no longer with us. I am so mad!!
    I have threatened to take the dog to the pound if I catch her. She is now in the basement at Moms house.
    The huge dilemma for me is that this dog belongs to family members and I do not want to cause a family feud. My son and my mother!!!! Not to mention they have my only grandson. 8 months old, and apple of my eye!!
    I have never had a problem before Nick moved in there with his dog. and I have a coop with an attatched run, but the run is not closed in on the top, and only a few of the chickens are able to get out, or at least have ever tried. the run is huge and would take a lot to cover the whole top. probably 10, 50ft x5ft. rolls of the plastic garden netting that I can get from Home Depot for $14.00.
    That is the cheapest route I have found so far. But I do not have the money for that right now! I am barely working and making just enough money to get by on.
    Nick just got layed off from work and has no money either, so asking him for the money isnt an option.
    I guess Im gonna have to start a family feud!
    Its not fair that his pet should be allowed to come over here in my yard and kill my pets!!!
    I am so mad. and Im tired of crying over this, and trying to keep peace with them. They do not understand why I am so upset.... They are just chickens..... UUUHHH, I dont think so!!!
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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Oh dear, I am so sorry this has happened. Sounds like your son doesnt really love that dog, or he would keep better track of it. In MY opinion, I would get the dog, put it in the car, and drive to the next county animal controll. I know this might start trouble...but really...your pets are WORTH IT! If I was close, I would come get the dog for ya!! This really stinks, and so close to the holidays to be fighting. Im so sorry....but it sounds like taking the dog to the pound is the only way you have.
  3. onthespot

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    chain maggie up in your yard until they notice she is gone... and tell them until they figure out a way to contain her, she stays with you.
  4. Ugly Cowboy

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Corn, OK
    Quote:That sounds like the best option... Trust me, ya do not wanna end up on your folk's bad side, gettin rid of his dog (even if he dont take care of it) might really be bad. Keep her with you or a friend, at least then the mutt would be away from your poultry.
  5. mamaKate

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    Sep 9, 2008
    SE MO
    Quote:Great idea! [​IMG]
  6. Fudgie

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    I was thinking a little more deceptive but to the point.........pick up maggie when you see her in your yard and take the dog clippers or mustache clippers or a pair of scissors out and make a little shave of the hair up her backside and take her home....

    Tell them that the chickens have retaliated and this is their warning, the next one will be behind the ears. It will not hurt maggie and they might get the message that your animals are being harmed and they need to be more responsible. Every time they see missing hair they might remember your missing animals!!!

    Call me bad but right is right!
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  7. Willowbrook

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    Dec 7, 2008
    western PA
    It's not easy to lose something that you care for, but no animal should be made to suffer because it was not properly trained or is living with irresponsible owners.

    The dog should be tied when outdoors. If your son can't comply, then by all means take the dog to a shelter where it stands a chance of being adopted by someone who will give it a better life.

    Sorry about your chickens.
  8. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
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    Oh man I am so sorry to hear you are having these troubles. But...as a grandmother i can tell you I understand about the family issue and them having the only grandchild...however, there is the matter of respect and that extends to all human beings including irresponsible sons.

    Tell your son that the dog has to go if it runs loose one more time. end of discussion. If he balks explain to him that you feel the dog needs a good home with someone who will be responsible, care for the dog and spend time with it.

    I cannot see your son alienating you or your mother for that matter over a dog. Both should be adult enough to understand your position as well as see the problem at hand.

    Good luck to you in this matter...if it were me, the dog would be gone. I would call animal control and that would be that.
  9. Fudgie

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    Looking back, I feel bad but I get so mad at people that want the status of having a dog but don't want the responsibility. Why can't they get it.
    [​IMG] me for my bad manners! Sorry all
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    Apr 24, 2008
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    There are few things I hate more then people who don't know how to care for their dogs and there for get the dogs in trouble, and cause harm to others.

    You need to make it very clear that allowing the dog to run loose is NOT ok. The dog not only can get your chickens, it could get hit by a car or go after another animal.

    I would chain the dog up like people have said, although I hate chaining animals up it may be the best thing. You could also suggest to them getting a "dog run" for the dog to be allowed to run around in while out side (or fencing in the whole yard) They also sell dog "zip lines" it's a line that ties between buildings or trees and allows to dog to run between the two from a leash on a pulley on the zip line...did that make sence?

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