just ate his head!

chicken granny

12 Years
Dec 6, 2007
Fincastle Va
OK you all I need to figure out what killed my silki rooster! Gees he was a spicey little thing but I raised him and he always went 10 miles to beat me up, but the other day I went out to feed and he didn't run up to me to beat me up! I looked down at the bottom of the run and there he was...(broke my heart!) the only thing that was gone was his head. No feathers around no blood...that I could see...Nothing! any one have any idea what it could of been?
Raccoons bite the heads off chickens and drink the blood. The heads are usually left at a distance from where you find the body. Those little "hands" of raccoons may look delicate, but they are deceptively strong.
I'm so sorry about your silkie.
Fincastle! YaY. I have caught racoons and they really don't bother my chickens...(at least I don't think they did) Weasel? well I have never seen one of them, but...just the head? Was really a puzzle for me. I grew up in Parrott, Va. (backwoods) and there never seen a Weasel, but there are a lot of people that said they are in Fincastle? Wonder if true?
My neighbor lost 3 chickens one night to a fox, and he just took the heads off. DIdnt eat them, just took the heads off, and left it all laying there. She then lost the remaining 2 a couple nights later the same way. I dont know if you have any foxes around, but it sounds a lot like what happened to her.
If the dead are numerous and the heads have been decapitated a weasel is your culprit.

I had a coon kill my EE pullet and he took the head and a couple of nibbles of breast meat and ripped her open...
Im not sure if you have MINK in your area...but I have seen "personally" the remnants of a mink attack. The remove the head...and sometimes take it with them. Im so sorry you lost your little Silkie roo.
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