Just chillin


7 Years
Feb 23, 2016
South of Houston
Stuck @ home with the youngest grands. ID twins, 3 yo. Love them to death but these guys are a handful. One goes one way and the other goes another. Mrs Lobo has gone shopping and it has been raining off & on so far, so we haven't been able to go outside. Will have to go out soon as it is almost time to let the girls out for their afternoon free-range and the grands love that adventure. Gotta go through the goat barn to get to the chickens and they love the goats. Gotta keep an eye on the buck though. He's young and his first breeding season so he's still feelin his oats.
Hopin everyone out there is havin a great day!
I know the feeling! I've got just turned 4 y/o twins, a boy and a girl. Love them to death too. Like my dad always said, 'that's why the good Lord gives them to you when you're young" . There's a reason for that. How right he was! Cute story too.

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