Just got a bio-security questionair in the mail

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by LoneCowboy, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. LoneCowboy

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    I got a letter for a CSU Grad. student working on a project. They are trying to map the comings and goings of chickens and bio-security measures.

    Not sure I should comply, I'm a bio-security nightmare. I let kids look at my chickens. They've never seen a chicken. I've let them hold a baby chick. My customers want to see that they are well cared for before they buy my eggs.

    I sell baby chicks 100 at a time, meat chickens, eggs. They want the zip codes of everybody who's purchased a chicken from me. Zip codes of everybody I've purchased hatching eggs from. Document deaths, illness etc.

    I can't answer all those questions, mostly because I haven't a clue but then I worry what they are going to do with the info. Probably start a regulation process. AUGH!! [​IMG] What do you all think?
  2. FrenchHen

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    Jan 26, 2009
    Bagshot Row
    Send it back and write:

    Me no speak English.

    I'd call and see what the goal of the research is before answering any questions. I got research thingies all the time a year ago, and I got sick of them.

    (edited to clarify that I'm kidding!)
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  3. cluckychick

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    If it's just a grad student project you don't have to comply. You feel it's an invasion of privacy just don't fill it out.
  4. dixiechick

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  5. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    dony reply...
  6. Tn Gamebirds

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    Dont fill it out. It's none of there bussiness who you sold eggs and birds to. Or who you've bought from
  7. Sparks

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    Aug 10, 2007
    Throw it away!
  8. AHappychick

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    Dec 16, 2008
    agreed dont give that kind of information away unless you had to.
  9. Omran

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Bagdad KY
    If you are not requiared by law to answer it, then just through it in trash, and if they call back say I don't know what you talking about.
  10. coloradochick

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Brighton, CO
    D, there's a few people here in CO that recvd them. Some in the Springs and one up NE. We were wondering how they got all your info to send out these letters in the first place. Hmmm...


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