Just got ducks...don't know what breed...any guesses?

Nana Allred

In the Brooder
9 Years
Jul 28, 2010
Just picked these ducklings up at the local feed store and have no idea what they are. Any ideas?



Thanks oodles!
one on the right is probably a pekin. the one on the left, i'm not sure but i had some buff ducklings that looked like that. but if they came from ideal its possible they might be snowy mallards. (where the feed store probably got them from)
Oh god they're cute.....must....try...to....ID....
the cuteness of those fluffy little wings is distracting.

The one on the right is a Pekin.

The other one definetly has an eyestripe, albeit very faint. I would say either a poor quality Welsh Harlequin or just a mutt

Good Luck...they make one heck of a mess
My guess would be 1 pekin and 1 Runner- as for colour- it looks to have very light markings that include eye stripes - almost looks like a saxony duckling at this age- but unlikely to be any of them at a feed store.
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