Just got our 16 BO's this morning from cackle (4/24)


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Feb 5, 2013
NW Georgia
All 16 arrived here in northwest ga in good shape and are eating/drinking/sleeping just fine. They run around the brooder and eat/drink then pass back under the light for a few minutes of stretching, napping and preening...then they repeat the entire routine again. They rarely make a "peep"...however when I was on the way home from the post office this morning at 6:45 they were peeping their heads off...sure felt sorry for the little critters.

I am 70 years old and haven't had any chicks since grade school so looking forward to having them again. Hardly remember anything about raising them so I have been reading a lot of your post and think maybe I am up to speed.

We have been building a coop and it's almost finished and should be ready by the time we need it. We (wife and me) have been working on it for "a while"...I could have built in 2-3 days when I was still working but everything about me has slowed down a LOT...! I might get up the nerve to post some pics of the coop when it's finished.

We still have to build the covered chick lot...we live in the country so space is not a problem and the 1st phase will will be 32 X 32, then we might add on some more pen based on what I keep reading about this "chicken math". :)

I have enjoyed reading all your good good information about raising chickens and building coops.


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Apr 18, 2011
Good for you and good luck with them. Be sure and post photos. I am sure there are many others on this site including myself that love to look at chicken photos : )

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