Just had two wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and I'm starving but not sure what to eat.


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Mar 17, 2008
Northern NY
I finally went in yesterday to have my top wisdom teeth taken out and only had my mouth numbed. The extraction was quick and painless. The dentist said I didn't even need prescribed pain medicine to just use the over the counter stuff.

I left the gauze in my mouth for 60 minutes and checked it but there was some slight bleeding still so I put more in like they said. About an hour later it was barely bleeding so I took a 2 hour nap. I sat upright to avoid swelling.

By 7pm I was extremely hungry especially since I only had 1 packet of oatmeal in the morning. My mouth and face were only mildly sore. I went to the store and bought some puddings to eat. I ate about 3 of them but was still hungry. By 11pm I was getting shaking from not eating much. I attempted some mac & cheese which I was able to chew with my front teeth and swallow.

Today I had some more pudding, apple sauce, and ate a twinkie. Couldn't help myself especially since I'm having withdrawals from not drinking soda. Been sticking with water since yesterday.

My mouth is still barely sore and I didn't really have any swelling. The only swelling I have is on the roof of my mouth near the areas. I haven't used any ice packs or salt water. I might use some salt water later incase of infections.

I am starving for some actual food that isn't pudding or pasta. I don't know what to eat or what I should attempt to eat. Since my mouth is only mildly sore it is hard for me to judge what I can eat and what I should avoid even if I can swallow it easy. I know to avoid anything hard, to hot or cold, and anything spicy.

Bear Foot Farm

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Mar 31, 2008
Grifton NC
Egg Drop Soup

Heat up a pot of chicken or beef broth.

Beat a couple of eggs.

Stir the broth in a circle to get it spinning and SLOWLY pour the eggs in a thin stream into the broth.


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Apr 13, 2012
Northern Colorado
greek yogurt
scrambled egg
chocolate malt
cream of wheat cereal
fruit smoothies with protein powder added
split pea soup, butternut squash soap, tomato bisque, etc etc


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Dec 29, 2011
You could try some different soups I haven't had wisdom teeth removed but I did have braces put on and different retainers which hurts worse than the braces. I had a lot of soup for that smoothies (that had like one raw egg in it). Just make sure you pick out some soups of course that aren't too chunky I like i think it's called wedding pea soup that one is good


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May 28, 2009
South Central, PA
McDonald's burger patties worked for me. I had all four wisdom teeth out and the patties are soft enough that I could crush them with my soft palette and tongue.


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Apr 23, 2012
No - do not try to chew, even though your mouth doesn't feel real sore. When you pull a tooth there is a clot that forms up in the gap. Chewing will disturb this clot, and you could end up with a dry socket. believe me that hurts like few other things do ! My husband had this happen to him, and I can still see him holding his cheek and groaning with pain. Hey - look at it this way -- good weight loss program !


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Mar 12, 2012
NE Georgia
Potato soup worked for me when I had all four of mine removed. Just be careful and remember to use salt water so you don't get any dry sockets.
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