Just picked up EE fuzy butts today, Pics!


10 Years
Dec 26, 2009
Rock Hill SC
I never knew chickens were so addictive till January of last year when I bought my first mature flock, I started with 9 white rocks, they're all gone now, they turned out to be cornish x I think is what you would call them, they all died of heart attacks or something. Since then I bought RIR, BR, NHR and Jersey giant chicks, then I hatched a few from them, and this morning I went to a local backyard chicken man intending to buy 15 EE's and ended up walking away with 22!! Needless to say I'm now up to 40 birds and I'm planning on more, will it ever stop! Anyway, here is a couple of pics of the fuzzy butts..


Can't wait for those blue and green eggs!!
The EEs are adorable!! But what are the two yellow chicks? The buff yellow looks like a buff orpington, and the one above it appears to have the poofyness of a buff cochin... does it have feathered feet?
What are the white ones? I have some that look like that.
I have no idea what any of mine are.

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