Just set a bunch of eggs!


8 Years
Mar 16, 2011
Knoxville, TN
We just set 54 plus eggs. I am so excited about what might hatch. I didn't get a for sure count on what is what, because we just filled it up with what we could. We had Two Pure Rumpless Amer. olive colored eggs, a bunch of EEs (blue and green eggs), A few SLW, a few BLRW or is it RLBW, 2 Sliver Winged OEG, a few PQ Cochin (standards), a couple D'Uccle eggs from our guys, about 5 Leghorn eggs, then we filled it up with our home grown eggs (Buff Orp, Game, Sumtra, Hamburg) plus some old farts and two chilled eggs to see if they may hatch. Oh and that is before a friend gave us 8 OEG of various colors (Pure pens of BBS, Gingers, and one mystery OEG egg).

So we have three bators all over the house with eggs. We have a few that we just threw in to see if they would hatch, not counting on much from them though. We have the 'dent' egg (fresh, the hen layed it with a BB sized dent on one side), two chilled eggs (were in the fridge for maybe a day or so, I let them set in room temp before setting) and old farts (I think there are 8-10 of them, they are older eggs, just been sitting on the counter, I thought they were pretty so just left them there, Kevin said to try and see if they may hatch). Not counting on much, but all are marked and put away in labeled bators.

So I wonder how many I will get...

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