Just sold by B/B/S Orps! Last Eggs ~Lavender~Isabel~B/B/S~Split~ 8+


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24 hour auction!!

I'm relisting, but I just sold my B/B/S stock- The Split roo and all of the Split hens are gone, but the buyer of the B/B/S hasn't been able to come yet, so there are still Blue and Splash hens, under a Lav roo and an Isabel F1 roo- they'll be getting picked up Sunday. There is every possibility they are still fertile from the Split roo, as well. I've been trying to strategize a way to separate them, and I just have toooooooo many flocks, so the B/B/S stock had to go. This is a mixed gene flock- you are risking getting a bird with both Blue and Lavender- be aware.

I just saw a thread with Isabel Partridge Brahmas overseas that got resurrected: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=383078

should help you envision the black and gold hens in my pics with the lavender and diluted buff.

So: this is the last round of these birds, and if you want any of the B/B/S stock, you need to bid on this round or the next one, because I'll be selling just Lav and Isabel stock after this, starting in about 3 weeks.

Here are a few shots of one of my blue pullets just growing into her 14th week. I love the lacing my blues get. Sorry about the quality of the shots, as they're from my phone and the sun was setting, which harshified everything! She is still leggy and a skinny pre-teen, but I expect she'll get to be gorgeous like the rest.



Next to one of the Silkied Ameraucanas





The following is a porcelain d'Uccle, who is young enough to have very little white showing at the tips of his feathers, so imagine this coloring on an Orp, and you'll understand what Isabel will look like.



This pen has been mixed for the Winter and until Sunday, I'll sell eggs since their production has picked up. Some of the pics show birds other than Orps, but those are older pics, and these have been Orps only for months. My birds are big, heavy, friendly, productive layers, and we select for size, shape and temperament. The color projects will be separated in March.

We have 6 Isabel F1s, which will produce either an incomplete Gold-Laced Split to Lavender or Isabels. We have Lavenders, Blue, Splash, and Lavender Split. All eggs will be split to or showing Lavender. These are housed together. I will provide 8+ fresh eggs, based on what they give me. The previous winners each got 12.

Because this is a mixed pen, I'm starting the eggs low, but keeping the auction short, so keep an eye on it!!











Guitartists made some Punnett squares some time back that helped folks understand the genetics of certain dilutors, so I thought I'd alter them to make some for Isabels.





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