Just started laying eggs

17 chickens

Crazy Chicken Math
Jul 11, 2016
Chattaroy Washington
I have new chickens this year and I have not had chickens in a long time so I need advice or thoughts from others...
Some of my brown egg layers just started to lay eggs and I know that new eggs come out all shapes and sizes but I have never had chickens that have laid an egg yoke and whites first without the shell, Then the shell comes out later all flat and soft. I have never seen this before and can not find anything on it. My 16 girls and my 1 rooster are very spoiled kids.
Please help?
Assuming that you are giving either layers feed or optional oyster shell with general flock feed, then I would think that it's just them taking a while to sort their egg laying machinery out.
Oh yes, They are on layer plus oyster shell. I Thought It was just a first time layer thing but wanted to get others thoughts on it.
Thanks for getting back to me!

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