Just used duck eggs in a cake for first time!


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
New Jersey
Wow, what a difference they make! Made a basic chocolate cake. Best one we ever made. actually my 12 year old daughter made it. so yummy, and cuts like butter. Very easy to ice too. Tastes delicious. The girls just started laying a few days ago. we've had a crazy day, we lost our favorite drake today.
...so making this cake was therapy for my daughter, she calls it the Spring Duck cake, lol, and decorated it. She was very excited to use her ducks eggs for the first time.
Wow, I've heard this several times now!! I am really going to have to find a source for duck eggs to try. Thanks for posting! And....so sorry to hear about your drake. Its so hard losing feathered friends. I hope you and your DD are doing okay. My sympathies go out to you both.

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