Just went to look and ask questions...buck and does pics now


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Nov 6, 2009
Took my grand daughter to the rabbit show today.

I've been trying to decide between Lionheads and Netherlands. Lots of beautiful Netherlands. Lots of beautiful Lionheads.

After looking around, I really wanted Lionheads. Still can't tell them from another fluffy faced breed real well, but I love them. I was starting to collect cards and names and I came to a breeder with 2 does that she was rehoming. Said she was trying to make space and they were 2 of her breeders. She gave them to me! They are so sweet. I even have pedigree.

I was so juiced I asked her what I should breed to and she put me in the direction of another breeder for a buck. I now have a blue grome who should turn either blue or stay grome. I fell in love with him and got to pick right after the stud owner picked. He almost took this one, so I'm really excited.

So..................now not just the mixes, we have some pedigreed Lionheads and I'm getting excited about the next few months.
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Just say to yourself the next time you get the urge...
Google is your friend.
Phone calls, just phone calls..

don't go to a show unless you have the voice of reason with you (daughter, husband, crying infant who is colicky, your rabbits anonymous sponsor)...

Now just repeat to yourself, 3 is enough!! 3 is enough!!

Congrats.. but you know its never good when you start a thread.."Just went to look"...
Yep.. been there, done that...
Rescued an angora so badly matted it took me a week with a pair of scissors to get all the mats off, no one would touch him, not even a rabbit groomer!

Yes... in the bay area of CA.. there are rabbit groomers...
Long ago in a land far from where I live now.
Had one in Hayward and one in Castro Valley for my Angoras after I used a slicker brush on my buck and gave him bald spots. Think I did it wrong.

I'm just glad they were all so nice and I got what I had wanted for a couple of years. Rabbit people are sooooo nice!
His face is too cute! I think his name fits him.
I just love rabbits----I had a flemish giant who was an indoor pet for several years. I also had the sweetest mini-lop, too. Now I'm severly allergic to rabbits and can't even pet one at the petshop w/o getting hives and having a terrible asthma attack.
Have fun with yours----can't wait to see pics. of the does!
Did I???


I just love him. OK I took him out with me yesterday. Kids wanted to go to a games store. Yeah That was a quick trip

Took Wascal and waited outside with him. Had it harness (yes I even bought one of those at the show) and I was holding him. Poeple wanted to know if he was a chinchilla, a stuffed animal. If he was old enough to be taken away from his mother. LOL I wanted to make sure he is used to lots of noise and friendly, so he got lots of pets from lots of kids. He spent some time hoping around inside. May have been a mistake, because now he wants out of the cage and is trying to find an escape route.

Did have a little problem when I had one of the does out. He decided to visit and I got him before she could do too much damage. Can't see in the pic, but she nipped him between his nose and mouth. Wonder how that breeding will go later???

I'll get pics of the girls later. They're older, so may be why she didn't want him near her. They aren't show quality, but they'll be ok to breed. I figure at least one litter a piece and I'll be able to add to breeding stock. They're black and seal, so although there are lots of colors in their pedigrees I still may end up with only balck, seal and siamese sable. I'm going to be looking for maybe two more does and another buck.
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