Kale Leaves


Sep 9, 2018
Manchester UK
I went shopping this morning and picked up a bag of Kale from the supermarket, I thought I would try it on the hens.
Got home unpacked the shopping then went out to give them some, they came running over to me, I scattered some about, they all had a quick peck then decided they were not interested and went back on the grass scratching about in the dead leaves, oh well I tried.
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I wish mine didn't like kale... or Brussels sprouts, or tomatoes. These are some of the veggies they decimated in my garden this year.
They had their first bowl of Greek yogurt. Now THAT was a big hit. Their beaks, wattles and combs were covered in yogurt!
You could try chopping the kale see if that makes a difference. Mine are so spoiled that’s how THEY prefer it. Tried pumpkin...no go so I fed it to my friends goat.
Mine won’t eat cabbage whole either. But coleslaw (must be the mayonnaise) is a knock down drag out favorite!

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