Kalmbach Hi Omega vs. Layena Omega 3

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    I've been feeding my small flock of Golden Comets Layena Omega 3 and I'm fairly happy with that feed. You can find good information on the Purina site regarding that feed and that it's supposed to fortify eggs with 250mg Omega 3 vs. a 50mg Omega 3 regular egg. The problem is the Layena Omega 3 is $15.99/40 lb. bag at TSC. The local feed store just started carrying Kalmbach Hi Omega/Hi D which is $12.35/50 lb. bag. Not a huge difference, but it adds up. I can't find any specifics on the Kalmbach web site regarding mg of Omega 3 per egg. I've emailed the company, but so far have not received a reply. Does anyone know specifics about Kalmbach Hi Omega vs. Layena Omega 3?
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    They may not have an answer because they haven't done the research. It's not exactly apples and oranges but the amount in feed may or may not translate linearly into the amount in resultant eggs.
    Perhaps look at the label. See where flax places on the ingredient list between the 2 feeds. (or any other source of omega-3 in the list)
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    ChickenCanoe - that's a good idea and I did check the "label" on their web site http://www.kalmbachfeeds.com/shopping/poultry/1717OMEG.aspx
    I didn't see anything that I associated with Omega 3 like flaxseed or menhaden oil. Layena has flaxseed...that's not listed as an ingredient in Kalmbach. I think I'll just suck it up and pay the extra for the Layena.
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    From Kalmbach's site they only give the analysis of the feed not an ingredients list and since both Kalmbach Hi Omega and Purina Mills Layena Omega 3 are both Vegetarian type poultry feeds there not going to have Menhaden Oil.

    Both companies are most likely going to use Flaxseed to "boost" the Omega 3 Fatty Acids in there feed.
    Also with the studies done on Flaxseed as a poultry feedstuff I'm going to say both companies are going to have about the same amount of Flaxseed in there feed. Too little Flaxseed and it doesn't do much good, to much and you get lower chicken weight, chickens that tend to eat less, hens having over all smaller eggs with less yolk, and chicken having liver hemorrhages.

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