Tucker Milling non GMO?

Yes, the pork, and type of fish meal they used, is what made them so much better. Without stirring up a fuss, most of the feeds now tend to be vegetable based protein (soy, corn, wheat, etc.) Chickens actually benefit from occasional animal protein, especially during molt. Once in awhile, I give mine canned Mackerel, or canned cat food. If you have a piece of leftover meat, toss it in the food processor, and toss it out to the chickens. This especially helps during molt. No, bugs don't always seem to be quite enough animal protein for them.

I bought whole fish for a while because I thought my chickens would like to pick at them after I ate most of the meat. No interest at all. Ditto on most other meats.

They love cat food and dog food though! I give my flock of 20 about a handful a day. I also give them the cat food cans when the cats are done with them. They pick them absolutely clean. Same with tuna cans.

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