Katahdin Hair Sheep babies - Help us Name them - PIC


12 Years
Sep 19, 2007
Thurmont, MD
OK BYC - We need your help. So we got these 2 Katahdin Hair Sheep. They are bottle babies. The boy is in the back and the girl is in the front. We like the name Clyde for the boy, but my wife does not want to call them Bonnie and Clyde, so we are looking for a name for the little girl that goes with Clyde. Help us out??


They are just 1 week old. The little girl was a triplet and was not getting enough, so the breeder pulled her off of her mom. The little boy was a twin, but his mom had only 1/2 of her udder working, so he was pulled from his mom. They are both bottle feeding nicely. You may note the holes in their ears, these are where their ID tags were. They have been removed and the holes should fill back in.

Edited to add - These were purchased from Whitemore Farm www.whitmorefarm.com The same farm that sells great chicken eggs. I have some of their Welsummer, Ameracauna and Delaware eggs in my incubator now.
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Very Cute! I'm looking forward to hearing more about them. Sheep are one of the few farm animals I haven't had yet.
How about Katy Did for a name?
Thanks! While I do have goats also, these 2 are actually sheep. They have hair instead of wool. I choose them to avoid the shearing requirement.

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