Keeping chickens from jumping out of yard

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bibsoconner, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Sep 6, 2016
    Hi, I'm looking for ideas on how to keep the chickens from jumping out of the yard. My fence is about 5'5" tall. Also, I have a coop near the fence. It would be difficult to move the coop (it was already there, it's set in concrete floor, etc.). Sometimes the chickens are jumping on top of the coop (maybe a 3' jump?) and then to fence. Other times I'm pretty sure they are just jumping 5'5" directly onto fence. Is that possible?

    1) I've clipped their wings - perhaps not aggressively enough. I used this link:

    Other links/suggestions welcome!

    I also only clipped one wing as it was suggested somewhere that clipping one wing makes it even hard to fly (due to asymmetry). I believe I'm doing what is advocated in youtube clip (just flight feathers, just up to transition, etc.) but perhaps some would say to "go for it" more.

    2) Do folks use thorns or barriers on top of coop and/or fence? They sell stuff at home depot for keeping birds off your roof or boat. But perhaps that would really hurt chickens?

    As to why they are jumping on fence, if you read my other posts you'll see I have a suspected rooster. He might be chasing the girls up onto the coop and fence.

    My worry is that they are going to get out and hit by car/eaten by dog, etc. Moving the coop away from fence might be a long term possibility.

    3) How high can chickens jump?



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    Clip one wing aggressively, up to the second set. Otherwise bird netting can be used to cover the run, which I would choose, because sometimes birds with clipped wings have trouble getting into nestboxes.
  3. Add lattice to raise your fence higher....Only thing I can suggest without not letting them out?
    Buggers Hey?.....

    Good Luck
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    Get some deer netting or fly net & cover the run. Chickens can easily clear 6 feet or more.

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