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    Oct 7, 2016
    I am new to having chickens. I got two about 3 months ago and then 1 more a week later. Those 3 three have been fine. They are probably less than 6 months old. Last week I got two more. I have been keeping the two separated from the others. The next day, I noticed one of the two kept closing her eyes and keeping them shut while eating or drinking. Then I noticed it making a coughing or hacking sound every minute or so. She also seems not as active as the other chick. Again, I have been keeping the two new chickens separate from the other 3, but tonight I noticed one of the first 3 acting lethargic and heard a cough coming from her. From what I've read I see this may be a respiratory illness?

    What medicine or treatment should I use? Should I isolate the new chick with the cough and the older chick that I just noticed a cough?

    I know this explanation may be hard to follow, but I am very new to having chickens and could use ANY advice. Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC. Sorry your chcikens are sick. I would get them all on some sort of antibiotic asap. Tetracycline, Duramycin or something compatible. My guess would also be respiratory infection. Keep the 2 separated and do not separate the 3rd one unless conditions worsen. The other 2 have already been exposed to whatever is going on.

    By saying they are separated, how far are they from each other? For instance, we have a coop at the middle point of our property. Our isolation pen is 100 yards from coop. When I have sick chickens, I put them in the garage which is roughly 200 yards from coop. My point is many diseases are airborne.
  3. Buying and introducing new Birds is always a roll of the dice...All Chickens carry some sort of Disease...At times of stress they will show symptoms...The best thing to do is buy how many hens you need and never introduce new ones...That is never the case...We all add to our flocks..
    Your birds do sound like they have an infection...A antibiotic in the water till symptoms go away will be fine...If laying do not consume the eggs during or for 10 days after treatment...Some are as long as a month....


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