Keeping turkeys and peafowl with other birds?


Mar 21, 2015
British Columbia, Canada.
I have my place set up well right now for ducks & geese on one side, chickens on the other. Each has their own coop, and when I grow meat birds they have a completely separate area. My question is, where if anywhere could I house turkeys and peafowl? I'd like to keep a pair of each, but I'm kind of out of room for a new pen. Could turkeys and peafowl live together? If so, do they need a dedicated area where chickens have never been or could they live with my ducks and geese? If in with my water fowl, they would have a place to roost up high and their own clean food and water away from dirty mud ducks lol



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Jul 16, 2015
I haven't had peafowl for many years, but I remember them being skiddish, and flying well. They needed lots of room and were prone to running off if not kept confined.

My turkeys often chase and harass other poultry species and I've had them kill chickens before. I wouldn't recommend housing them together. You will also need to find out if you have blackhead in your area, chickens can be intermediate hosts, and it's deadly to turkeys.

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Turkeys and peafowl both will die of blackhead, spread by a common parasite that doesn't affect chickens as much. Most experts recommend avoiding mixed groups of these birds. And they won't house together well at all. Have you been around peafowl? LOUD! They roost in trees and will travel FAR from home, often never to return. Mary

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