Keet eye problem


8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have 15 keets who are nearly a week old. One of them is not getting as big as the others. I helped it with pasty butt a couple days ago (it looked really sick then -- it couldn't sit or lie down, and looked sickly), and at the same time I noticed that it was holding one eye shut. When it does open it, it looks a creepy pale greenish, all filmed over. None of the others are sick in the least and are gaining weight nicely. Now it's doing slightly better; it can sit and lie down, but I don't know what to do about its eye.
What do I do?

I've been putting ACV in their water (they were given plain water for a couple days while I was gone this past weekend, and it was after that that I noticed pasty butts for the first time with them); I've been putting coconut oil on its eye. Is it time for something stronger, like antibiotic drops?

This is my first time raising guineas. Thanks in advance!
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Well, never mind. After two days of watching it occasionally looking better, but mostly huddling miserably by itself, and after its other eye started looking the same as the other, I put it out of its misery.

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