Keets are the cutest EVER


6 Years
Apr 25, 2016
I love these little guys!! They are so affectionate and sweet and funny. I have their cage (large dog crate + flight cage ziptied together) in my living room, and they USED to settle and snuggle up with the brooder heating pad thingie I put in there, now at going-on-3-weeks they settle in the corner closest to me. If I sit down by their cage, they all come running to be petted. If I open a door, one or 2 will pop out and hopfly up into my lap. I hope they stay this affectionate!!!! They make the cutest noises too - one will make the 'crackers! crackers! crackers!' sound and another will say 'cheese! cheese Cheese!' and the rest chirp like little birdies in the treetops. *sigh* I am enjoying them so much!!!

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