Keets on the loose!


8 Years
May 18, 2011
I bought a new cage for my parakeets at an auction sat. It was a real nice one and when I turned it on its side it was big enough to put all my birds in it (9) in it. I hung it in an arbour in the the flower garden so they could enjoy being outside and I could enjoy them while I was out. Its also cooler than the shed I had them in. But I missed one little sliding door when I wired all the doors shut! And they found it! Four got out. I found one in the fish pond,drownede. And concidered the others lost. But today two were back at the pen looking for a way in to eat and I was able to catch them!So now I only have one adult male missing. Needless to say I wired that door shut and gave the cage another good going over!
What a horror story we can all learn from. Sorry about the one that drowned. That's awful.

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