kentucky specks?


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Jun 1, 2008
anyone have a pic of a kentucky speck or know where to find one? just curious after seeing eggs on eggbid.
are they a game related bird? they have a similar build, but i guess if the breed is that old they may have been bred as dual purpose birds.neat looking though.
I have no idea what they were bred for. I asked the man I got them from and he said "They are just a pretty bird". So, there ya go. He did say that they were brough over from somewhere, not sure where by the early settlers who settled in Kentucky.
I can't wait for mine to grow up, although they are the cutest little chicks Ihave ever seen!!

I have pictures of them on my site now too under "bantams". I will try and get more pictures of the adults next time I go out to my friend's place.
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ya know i never have understood why people will get animals and take care of them but never research anything about them. i mean you'd want to know if they went from cute and fuzzy to like godzilla or something, or like asils (i think that's right) that the hen chooses the roo or they kill him if not paired right. well keep posting pics, we love pics!
In this case it may be because nobody knows anything about them. I have been researching them since I first saw this thread and have found zip on them. My guess would be that they originated with one breeder in some eastern kentucky holler and no history is known on them. There appears to be a total of 4 breeders nationwide. The only thing internet searches turn up is posts on this forum....maybe they don't really exist...

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