Khaki Campbell gone broody!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by beccaWA, Nov 6, 2014.

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    I posted this accidentally over on the main board. Kind of confusing, all these different areas.

    I have 2 female khakis, 3 drakes, and 2 Cayuga ducks. Wow. I had a female khaki acting weird, and not coming out of the coop in the morning that they share with my 8 Australorps. So, I went in there, and she had built a perfectly round, mounded nest out of the bedding in one corner. She went broody! I think that's quite unusual for Khakis? She's SO aggressive. She hisses at me when I try to slide her food & water near her nest and this morning she actually came after me! Problem is, coop needs cleaned out so I'm going to throw a blanket over her, put her in a dog crate, and clean out the coop. Also will candle the eggs real quick to see which ones are good. I've never candled eggs before, so any suggestions would be helpful!

    I want to put fresh bedding in some sort of box, maybe just the dog crate, for her so the eggs are not just on the coop floor. I'm also wondering if I should pen off an area for her? To keep her from potentially getting into a ruckus with the chickens that are in there. This means if the eggs hatch, I'll have baby ducklings in the middle of December. I live in a cold, snowy area, so will have to rig up some heat too. Dumb duck. LOL

    OK, any suggestions for candling? Should I separate the duck? I'm thinking of putting the nest/eggs in a dog crate, and creating a little pen surrounding that. Ideas? Thanks!
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    I responded to your other post on this forum.

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