kiddie pool or stock tank?

I use a kiddie pool for mine. I also have a couple of these, not sure if they are exactly like this but general idea...
I use one for regular water up higher for them to drink out of and one down on the ground to use for cleaning. I have ducks & geese so when the geese are in the pool, the ducks still have somewhere to go to be in water!
I found a 145 gallon pref-formed pond on craigslist for $20...has the deeper center area but ledges along the sides for my duck to climb out. Look at CL in your area in the farm and garden just might find something for cheap
I use two of the large blue plastic kiddie pools from WalMart. They seem easier to dump and refill each night. The stock tanks were just too deep and heavy for me to tip over by myself - too much "back" effort.
I clean and refill the kiddie pools every night and they are ready for my flock each morning - it's the first place they all head to when I let them out of the barn stall.
I found this Little Tykes Step 2 pool at a yard sale for $10. They are really nice as they are made of a hard plastic and hold up to a lot of abuse. They also have a drain plug making it easy to clean. Several variations of this pool were made ~ this one includes a slide and a hose hookup for a fountain. I have a friend who has one hooked up to her old spring house and keeps the drain open so fresh water runs through it all the time. If you can find one ~ grab it ~ they no longer make them and are getting harder to find.


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