Kids Chasing Chickens, Opinions?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Redcatcher, May 16, 2010.

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    Little kids naturally enjoy chasing chickens and I am curious to find out if others view it as a harmless and fun way for kids (and chickens) to get their exercise or is it outright torment. It seems like a lot of parents and/or chicken owners think it is cute and funny. I am not referring to kids that are helping to catch a chicken or round them up, but chasing them around just for the fun of it.

    An example:

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    Its torment for the animal. Might be fun for the kids until I catch them. I don't think its cute or funny to let a kid torment something weaker and smaller than they are. Just my opinion.

    Even going to the lake or the zoo, if mine get caught doing it they can hold my hand and not leave my side the rest of the trip. I don't care if they are 9 and its embarassing.
  3. Kids may find this fun - chickens probably do not. In my case, my girls don't chase the chickens. But I had a nephew visit and chase them around. The rooster got very defensive - and flattened my nephew. He didn't draw blood - just left some big ole foot prints on his chest and knocked him down.

    This particular rooster had already been getting aggressive with my kids, and was soon rehomed. But, the incident does make me think that he found it a threat.
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    I think the parents are jerks...
    Tormenting animals... an awesome thing to teach your child! [​IMG]
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    I totally agree with heatherlynn. My son would have had his butt smacked had he tormented any of my animals. But to some people, animals are "just animals," and deserve no consideration or respect...just there for our use and amusement.
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    I don't think it's outright torment... just an annoyance. I discourage it because it makes the chickens scared of people. When it comes time to actualy catch a chicken, they are more skittish and harder to catch.
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    I don't allow my kiddos to chase the chickens. I think it's tormenting and abusing them.
  8. I suppose it depends in part on HOW the kids are doing it. Are they big enough to know better and running fast with sticks? That's definitely NOT OK.

    Are they 2 years old and just wanting to get close enough to hug them? Well, probably still not OK from the chickens point of view, but I'd be a little more lenient. Perhaps a "but she doesn't WANT a hug" speech as opposed to a punishment.

    In either case, it shouldn't be encouraged. I teach my girls to interact with the chickens in a non-threatening way. They are MUCH happier about a kid passing out sunflower seeds than a kid chasing them about!
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    It annoys me to no end when parents can't or won't control their childern.

    Kids should know better then to chase animals, or anything else of that matter.

    I don't like kids very much. But it's not the kids I don't like. It's the parents who failed to teach them.
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    My son is 4 will be 5 in August and still somewhat chases the chickens... though he is learning other ways to be sneakier and catch them and cuddle them... many are super tame now. I hate it when they are chased... I have scolded... timed out.... taken away toys....swatted butt..... you name it.. it did not work to stop him... the only thing I
    can do it banish him to his room.. but then I feel he doesnt learn anything from having them. Its been 2 years of struggle but we are barely getting to where I dont have to
    watch his every move around them. Now we have to convince him you cant catch the tame ones and take them in the playhouse and down the slide....
    After all this time... the chickens are adjusting to him... some avoid him like the plague and learned how to stay out of reach... others just tolerate his attention. He loves them all.
    He helps feed and water and is worth his weight in gold when tired momma (me) needs a certain chicken caught.. cause he is a rattlesnake at catching them....

    Now.... word to the wise.... if you have ducks and chicks at the same time..... at age 3 he couldnt comprehend the difference and i had to fish 3 drowned(fully feathered not fluffs) chicks out of the duck pool..and do chick cpr(they lived-mostly just chilled).. how do I know HE did it cause I walked up on him shoving one in the pool and telling it to SWIM SWIM! He cried and cried when I explained that they couldnt swim and putting them in the water would make them DIE.... But he never did it again.

    Kids and chickens are never ever dull.

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