Kiki's Summer Stupendous Social Salad Splash

What do you call it?

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Jul 10, 2015
Let's see.... So, I'm gonna toss you a real brain straining genre to just try to wrap your ears around and you mind to comprehend, especially considering the irony if not the outright hypocrisy.....

3 words I still laugh about that just,... I can't take it seriously as a genre. I mean I love parody and comedy stuff but, this????

Okay those three words: Christian Death Metal.

Just imagine:
1) the deepest gutteral sounding screaming voice
2) the mic shoved past the teeth into the uvula
3) them screaming, "We're here to crussh your soul for Jesus."
:th:lau:gigYes, for the record I have listened to a modest selection of it back around 2000, in college.
🙄 Ah yes, the old commandment "thou shalt not scream."
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