killing a dog that killed your poultry

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I think most states allow you to protect your livestock/own animals...
Most laws state you can do it WHILE they are attacking your livestock.

Check your local laws before you do anything.

If you live in a town, there may be laws against discharging a firearm
yeah i think that is where we got into a problem. it was inside the pen that it had eaten into chowing down on two dead guineas and i hauled it away from the rest of the flock (who were freaking out and in various degree of distress) and then shot it.
I have called Animal Control several times about the neighbor's dogs. I was told by them that I should shoot the dogs the next time they come on my property. She actually didn't specifically say to wait until they were killing my chickens to shoot them. She also suggested I get a picture of them chasing/killing my chickens. They have killed several of my chickens in the past, but she said without a picture it's my word against the owner's.
how about the contents of the dog's stomach? should be nice and full since it didn't just kill it ate them. i thought it was a stray dog unfortunately it was the neighbors
Fire if you got into trouble for killing a predator. Contact your local Department of agriculture for there rules on protecting your livestock. take pictures of the dead carcasses. find out what your laws are in your area about predators. (yes a dog is listed as a predator) we have a section on local laws and ordinances might give that a check up.
If your in the country though I know your protected under most farm laws dating back to 1900's main thing is submitting proof you cant just drag a dog off shoot it burn the chickens and say it attacked them.
from Ga. We had to shoot a dog in Oct. It killed 12 of my hens. Got away that morning and came back that night for more. SSS. But everyplace has different laws. Good luck. I say come after any of my animals or family you get what you deserve. Don't like to or want to but will protect what is mine.
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