Killing cones inhumane?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by EweSheep, Nov 25, 2011.

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    See our local article:

    personally don't think the killing cones are inhumane. Neither is the halal or kosher killings. They sure have to bring it up for Thanksgiving and see how many people are so misinformed about killing animals, timing of death.

    I am sure there are plenty of thread on this issue but people are forgetting it is the natural body response into whatever method of killing you use. I am sure MANy of us try to do it humanely, breaking neck, chopping neck, slice throat or even shooting it. We give thanks for it for providing us meat and food.

    Vegans are telling us plants dont have spinal cords or feelings. that is true but take away water, no sun, or full sun 24/7/365 to the point it is uncomfortable. Would they shrivel, turn yellow, get diseased, etc. Might just put the plants out of misery too because it affects them as well.
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    I looked at the article. Keep in mind that it was just a letter to the editor. Being a resident there, why not send a rebuttal to the editor. Many people do not understand the process. Many vegans/vegetarians only see horrific video of abuse on factory farms.
    People I know think that it was disturbing and "gross" that I processed one of my ducks for Thanksgiving. These same people served turkey to their families. I simply state that at least I know that my duck was raised well and had a good life and as humane a death as I was able to give for my first time processing. The only thing that you can do is try to educate others or simply just ignore them. [​IMG]
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    I think whoever that was is shocked at any method whatever to kill a meat animal. Quoted from the letter: If you were injured, would you want to be upside down unable to move your arms/wings? - As opposed to being decapitated? And no, misinformed person writing that letter, they don't say it's an instant death. It's not.

    But then the statement at the very end of the letter tips the writer's hand: There is a Decatur Vegetarian Society to help with good recipes and tips. We must end animal abuse.
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    May be we all should flood the editors box with responses of the extra cost and time we subject ourselves to to raise farm animals as humanely as we possibly can.
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    Not all vegetarians/vegans think this way. For the past few years being Veg has become a "trend" among Hollywood and has become more main stream. The majority of the people who hop on the "band wagon" see a few videos of animal cruelty and decide to just stop eating meat. However, most return to eating meat in a few weeks. Lately a lot of people have begun protesting with out getting all of their facts. Yes I agree that this article had many flaws and was based more on opinion and not on facts. The author was obviously just trying to share a different view than the norm. Yes they probably should have looked more into the issues before they decided to post this but everyone makes mistakes. Also holidays are always the usual time more people start protesting about animal killings. Not trying to "step on any toes" just trying to come from a vegetarian perspective.
  6. galanie

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Those same vegetarians need to look into the unsustainable practices being used to grow their soybeans and grains. Yes, we all have our point of view. None is 100% wrong either. It's just when opinion is stated as fact and the facts present are flawed that I have trouble with it honestly. Kill cones are used in kosher processing. Kosher killing is Kosher because it is or was viewed as the most humane way to do the act. To come out and say that this method is inhumane is to suggest that other ways are more humane, which they are not in my opinion. The author doesn't offer the alternatives which are just as much, and to some even more, shocking.

    To oppose the killing of animals for human consumption in general I understand. Spreading misinformation toward that goal is not good.
  7. Judy

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    It sounds like the writer is equating consciousness with being alive. The fact that the heart is beating is obviously no indication that the animal is conscious or aware. I don't see how it could be for more than a second or two, if that long, after that amount of blood loss.
  8. Clay Mudd

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    Quote:Seconded -- the best defense against BS is a healthy dose of the facts.
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    Apr 26, 2010
    When you look at the people that are against killing animals for food don't stop and think about some of the other things that come from animals that are killed.They like their leather shoes,leather wallets,belts,etc.This is for luxary and personal preference.They like leather seats in cars and leather jackets.They also like their leather gloves.All of these things are for comfort and status.They like the goose down that is coats.The lists goes on and on.They don't stop to think that when we butcher an animal it is for hunger,strength,growth.I feel that this is more important.The Good Lord gave us these animals for food.I agree that sometimes we get carried away in our style of butchering,But I try to do it as humane as I can.The kill cones do keep the bird from jumping around and looking bad,but that's better than hanging it upside down.or cut off it's head and letting it flop on the ground.As a matter of fact if it's done right there is very little moving.I then like the taste of the animal that I know had a good life and that it was fed well and that it's main purpose in life is for eating.Sometimes the truth ain't pretty,but it's the truth.[​IMG][​IMG]:tongue
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    I thought killing cones were made for humans to have some easy keeping our hands free. Imagine welding a knife in your hand with a flapping poultry! Not easy!

    Also keeping the animal from bruising oneself as well as the person standing nearby butchering...I sure don't want to get whopped with the wings of a geese...they HURT!

    AND keep the animal IN the cone. It is very highly impossible for an animal to "jump" out of the cone.

    Much easier in bleeding out in the fastest possible way.

    What I dont get in the videos on the Halal, why the cattle in chute being turned upside down after being dispatched? Is there a good reason for it or easy for the blood to drain out much faster?

    As hubby said (he is EMT certified), any losses of blood, you will NOT feel pain, just unconciousness until someone saves you (or the animal). You don't feel pain upon the cutting...I hate to say but not sure if it feels pain like you cut your finger..some of us cut ourselves and it didnt register in our brain until we SEE the blood on our finger and then OW! Some would OW upon the cut.

    The camel picture still bothers me, not sure if it is the correct way to dispatch it but I am guessing it is due to the anatomy of the camel, its easier to stick a LONG knife between the shoulder (similar to our V between our breastbone to shoulder joint). I was guessing its easier to cut its throat but on the other hand, his head woudl be flying everywhere. I dont have a problem with people eating camels and it should be enjoyed as such because it is THEIR custom to eat camels. I bet they are delicious with cucumber sauce!

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