Kitchenaid Meat Grinder

1. It's really great for making my (turkey) hamballs for the holidays....!

2. I've had mine for over 10 years and it still works like new, both the KitchenAid and the grinder.

3. You never know when you might need it.

4. You will not feel complete without it.

5. You never know which relative you may need to grind up some day.

I have two cows to turn into hamburger. Maybe I need one more than you. You buy it, and tell me how it works!
Just got one. LOVE IT!!!! Don't know how I lived without it.

Got the fruit/veggie strainer too. Making sauce right now. (taking a break before I switch from tomatoes to apples)

Best $100.00 I've spent for a long time.

$100.00 was for the set of the two.
Ooooh, theres a fruit and veggie strainer toy too???

TammyTx had already talked me into it. 5 excellent reasons to get one!

Amazon, here I come....
Well, Im still trying to figure out how to do that. I already have the shredder. But I can get the grinder/strainer/shredder for just about the same price as just buying the grinder and the strainer separately.

I may just get the grinder for now. Or I may get the grinder/strainer/shredder, and sell the shredder.

Or I just don't know what Ill do.

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