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8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Chatom, Alabama
i've got 3 inside/outside cats. they have been fixed and de-clawed. also i have 25 week old chicks. well today i let them out in a small pen to range around in the grass. my first kitty penny came to investigate, and she took one look and ran from the fuzz balls. the second cat sam, a manx cross, came to investigate them. he looked at them and wandered off. then the last and oldest. bouncer, he has a few gender identity issues. he tried to nurse the other 2 when we first got them. seemed to make the kittens feel more comfortable. but anyway, he comes to investigate the fuzzybutts. he walked over and almost ran when they scattered and started to peep. finally he layed down and started sunning and pretty soon was covered and surrounded by chicks cuddling with him for a bit of warmth and walking all over him. he never even looked like he was gonna try for one. well i put the chicks back in the brooder and went inside and fed the cats, you would think i starve them. but i've never seen one of the 3 eat anything unless it came from a cat food bag or can. not even scraps. i'm a bit relieved that they don't seem interested in the peepers. won't let them be alone together though till they are much bigger though.
And the next time all of this happens, we expect pictures!
not really. the cats never get more than 50-60 feet from the house and can usually come and go as they please in warm weather (doors open). really hot or cold weather and they meow at the door. lots of stuff to run under and hide if they need it, no one has dogs close to us and the neighbor's cats get along with our cats. since they are fixed strays leave them alone. the only issue we ever had was sam getting in the road once. got hit by a car and broke both back legs. took him to the vet and had them set. he can walk and run but is still kinda gimpy. he can't jump either.
I remember when I got my first chicks, I was SO worried about my two cats. One is more mellow, but the other goes after everything. The brooder was in my house but too tall for them to see in. But I had made it out of a large cardboard box and there happened to be a handle hole at kitty eye level. My cats took turns staring in for the longest time. When I finally took them out and carefully introduced them, the mellow cat couldn't care less about the chicks, and the other kitty was actually scared of them! It got funny after a while, I'd take one out and say "Dolly, look a chick!" and she would run like heck.

Then as adults the cats are both indifferent. All summer I would let the cats into the chicken run and they would just lie around and the chickens would walk around doing their own thing. Neither seemed to care about the other.

Now that my rooster is grown though, with full hormones raging, I no longer dare to put them in with the chickens. I just don't trust the roo.

But I was very surprised that the cats never seemed to see the chicks as prey.
I have a cat that sleeps with our chicks. he has never crushes a chick, and is always very gentle. He is also very uh.. how do I put this gently.... slow? poor cat was born with all sorts of health and mental problems, but the sweetest most gentle thing you've ever met. He doesn't behave like a cat.

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