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Jun 19, 2022


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This looks like mud/feces have got stuck on the ends of their toes. It's not a nice job to take it off either. If that is the case, I saw someone having to do this to their chicks and you need to soak it for a long time in warm water and try your best to get it off. If it's truly stuck it can break or cause the toes to bleed so please practise sanitarily.
Wow thank you so much, you have relieved our minds.
We have a large pen as you can imagine with 27 hens, but we keep DE and fresh straw down it is completely roofed so no mud, except from the water bins I recently set up to combat the 100’ heat. We will do them tonight when my husband gets home..We just noticed these so I am sure the water in the pen was the culprit.

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