Know anything about Universal Technical Institute?

Yessur Ebob

9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
I have been looking at colleges for awhile now and think i'd like to go for automotive repair. I came across UTI and it looks like a good school, but I thougt I'd see if anyone here had any opinions on it, or better yet if anyone has gone to it. I have very little experience with mechanics, but I like cars and I've always enjoyed fixing cars with my dad. So any thoughts, opinions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ken
My nephew graduated from there last year. He went to the one in Nashville. Its a pretty good school he said. They studied hard and learned quickly. Well worth the money too!

When he came back, he was automatically got a job at Napa repair supply store. It was fun but he was getting bored with the driving back and forth, supplying parts to garages and businesses. So he went on to automotive repair shop (collisions and repairs) and it was good. He went on to supplement his job with a second job at Jimmy John's, got paid better than his day job but his tution needed to be paid to his mother (who took out a charge card to pay for his year and half schooling) and pay for his car payment and living with his grandparents (my parents). Nice trade off and he is happy to be productive!
My brother went. He loved it, but he went in for big trucks and forklifts. He makes good money, loves his job, and gets to travel. In fact, he had a job immediately after getting out of school.
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