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    Hi All-

    So, now that I've been getting eggs for a few weeks now and tend to talk about eggs (and how good _I_ believe mine are) a lot, I find myself with some questions.

    First, I have read that feeding certain foods to my chickens will improve the quality of their eggs, but can I truly say that because I feed them kale, broccoli, flax, etc that the eggs they lay as a result of having eaten those things are better for me (or those people who eat them)? I'm perfectly happy feeding those treats regardless of their "egg impact" as the flock likes them and they have all been very healthy thus far. However, my gut feeling is that I can not claim that the eggs are better for me, because I have no proof beyond a collection of anectdotal stories. This said, I would really like to be able to state, as a matter of pride, that they contain x, y, and z.

    Second, is it even remotely economically feasible to get an analysis? Would it even make sense to do so in general? Clearly this is not a major issue, just a thought.


    Have a great evening!
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    Generally, the darker the yolk, the healthier it is. Try comparing one of your eggs to a store bought egg and tell us what you see [​IMG]
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    I feed mine treats no matter how many they lay or whatever. I love those birds and they get treats. Today they got a big bowl of mashed potatoes. Tomorrow left over pancakes and lettuce. then, when I amke applesauce, they get the cores.

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