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    Jul 4, 2016
    It's been a year since I've had my hens I had 6 total and one was killed yesterday by my one year old lab! I saved the first two I could either keep them because they wher to old to lay eggs or they where going to get killed so I kept them, and I bought 4 chicks that I watched and cared for them till they got older. Normally the lab and my Chihuahua Can be lose with the hens when I'm around! But like I stated earlier my big lab killed one of the older hens that was old and blind! We where not home and somehow the lab got lose and normally the smaller dog won't attack the chickens because the younger hens will gang up on her. But when we got home we found the hen in a corner with most of her feather ripped out and a big bite wound on her side! It was so deep that it ripped through the muscle and made a hole where I could see her lungs and that was the only way I knew she was alive because I could see her breathing, I felt horrible and it left me a sick feeling.
    I knew I had to put her down their was no way she could survive it, and even if she did she would be in pain!
    But I'm very angry at my dog I know she's a dog and it's instinct but I need to fine a way where this won't happen again!!
    Would a muzzle work? Or the shock Coller ! How can I prevent this from happening again
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    Bummer, sure it was the lab and not a hawk??

    My lab accepted our hens as part of the pack and they hang out together in the backyard. She even lets them pick food from her dish. She didn't even mess with my 3 week old peeps when 2 got through the fence one day.

    If you lab truly did do it, then you will have to make sure to keep them separated and secure.

    Or have some very intensive training. I would avoid, the shock collar approach, you don't want the dog to associate the chickens with punishment, you need to condition her to think of them as part of the family. Otherwise, sooner or later when you aren't around, she will grab another one.

    And don't be angry with your dog. As harsh as it sounds, this is your fault. Not the dogs.
    She's just a dog, doing what dogs have done since they were wolves..
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    It may or may not have been the dog. You weren't home, so you didn't see it happen. Two things you can do to prevent it from happening again. 1. Secure your dog or chickens better when you're gone. 2. Train the dog. There are many threads on here about training dogs to leave chickens alone. It can be done without a shock collar. It does take time and consistency. Are you ready to invest that?
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  4. Mich2424

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    Jul 4, 2016
    I'm almost positive it was my lab because it's happen in the past where I was outside with them and as soon as I went to take the trash out she was already chasing them and got a hold of one ! Wasn't biting but was throwing her in the air like a rag doll! And they are backyard chickens I have a secure place for them where they sleep at night and go in to drink water and eat but during the day I let them out! But it's true it's not her fault if I knew the temptation was big I should have secured her Better! But I will do my best to prevent that from happening again Thank you all :)

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