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Do you like tattooes on men?

I don't love them at all. Just looking for opinion to help a friend.
Yes, if there's just a few of them and they are tastefully done. Actually I've been trying to talk my DH into getting one for awhile now. I have one and plan to get another at the next bike rally. He refuses to get one until he retires next year.
I never cared for them, but then I saw a nice one a few months ago that actually said a lot about the person. But generally? No - they seem egotistical, like look at me, I'm a rebel.
It depends on the guy and the tattoo. I guess I would have to decide on a case by case basis. I love some, and find others, and too many, distasteful. I've thought about getting one myself for years, but could never decide on a design that I wouldn't tire of.
I agree with gritstar and the others that they are nice if tastefully done. I myself have been considering getting a small one but am not sure I could take the pain. I hate needles.
Well I dont mind tattoos.. My DH has many.. Most were done in his younger years and are homemade and ugly.. But when we get the money he is going to cover them up one by one. A little less than two years ago he went and got a tattoo on him that I drew.. The tattoo shop couldnt believe I drew it, and said that I should do flash art for tattoo shops. But I have never done it. When DH got that tattoo I got one about the size of a silver dollar, right above my ankle. My very first tat. I got some thing I know I would never regret. It is a sun. My name is Sunshine so it is very fitting.. But I have wanted a certain tattoo on my lower back for about 20 years.. I figure if I have wanted it for that long. I wouldnt mind having it forever.. No rush and not thinking for a tat for me.. And about 4 months ago DH got my initials tattooed on the back of his neck that cant be seen when wearing a shirt. As long at the tattoos are not on the face or a bunch on the neck, I dont mind tats on guys.. It also depends on the tats too. Some tats are just so ugly even when they are professional.. Or they are gross..

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