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I literally despise tattoos. Period. My son has one and I hate it. Yep, hate. I just can't stand them! Doesn't matter if it's artfully done, I don't like artwork on skin.

**adding that if I was in dating mode and a man had tattooes, I'd probably pass him up.

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Quote:I hate needles.. Im like a needlephobic. I wont even get my blood taken at doctors appointments. But I got a tattoo. If you pick a spot that isnt as tender as others.. It doesnt hurt as bad.. Stay away from bones close to the skin. Or the spine. To me a tattoo feels more like a bad cat scratch or you got caught on some blackberry bushes.. And the pain was gone for me by the next day.. It was the itching when it was healing that got to me.. Cause you cant scratch it.. But a good tat shop will tell you to slap it if it itches.. I cant wait to go back and get mine finished.. Ive decided to get my sun on my ankle turned into an anklet.. Put a moon on the opposite side of it with some stars conecting it around my ankle.. But cant till tax season. That is when we have extra money.


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Aug 25, 2008
I feel it is a personal choice for each individual.

But no, I am not a fan of skin art for myself. If DH did it? Well, that's his choice, and it wouldn't put me off loving him for himself.

So I guess my reaction is a shrug. I would say to be sure you still want that art piece in 60 years when gravity gets hold of it!


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They are ok. I don't like when there are lots of them and they seem to be there just to provide conversation. My husband doesn't have any and I am perfectly happy with that. I think too many people have too many tattoos these days.

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I don't really like them. My DH has one that I wish he didn't have. He was talking about having it recolored a while back. I told him that was crazy and with any luck maybe it would fade away completely. I have to admit though, that I've seen some that look really cool, but not everyone can pull it off.


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I don't have any tatooes, but, one of my daughters does, one of Tigger bouncing, right above her ankle.

My BF calls tattoes on women "Tramp Stamps".

Personally, I wouldn't go that far. . . .

I have seen 2 tattoes in my life that I really liked

1) The head of the Arabian Stallion that is my filly's grandfather - it was truly beautiful

2) A nude redhead with a body to die for (I am not gay!) on a man's forearm. I am not sure why I liked it so much, but, it was so well done that even her eyes were beautiful.


My BF has a tatooe of a chicken on his upper arm that is combination of a chicken and a man. I don't really care for it, but, it is eye catching never the less ! He covers it with a shirt sleeve most of the time.

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