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Feb 6, 2009
For the most part, I DO NOT like them. Once in awhile, someone will have a unique tattoo & a great story to tell about it. For the most part, they are really uninspired. Parrots, cartoon characters, and flowers ... ugh! I especially get a kick out of the random Chinese symbols. I read a comedic mystery novel about a sorority girl who decided not to go home after spring break, so she reinvented herself by getting a tattoo and taking a job as a cocktail waitress. Her tattoo was a Chinese symbol. She was told that it meant "fierce." She found out it was appropriated from a restaurant menu: It meant "with spicy sauce."


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Oct 23, 2008
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OK kind of hyjacking but along the same subject line.

My cousin, bless her heart, is 22. A very beautiful spirit, has been thru so much in her life and blossomed in spite of the meager beginnings she had. Shes a very exhuberant person who lives her life full speed ahead. She has a new tattoo I think every time I see her. She loves stars, so they are usually a star theme. Last weekend at a cousin's wedding she is now sporting a cute little spray of twinkly stars over her left eye. Its really quite charming...until shes 50! I had to bite my tongue at that....really how to you think youre going to be taken when you are at your kids' soccer game in 12 years? What are you going to do when your cute stars begin to slide down toward your cheek at age 65? I have tattoo's I am 24 so I see the young people's view on tattoos, but I also have kids, a professional job, and dont really want to deal with the weirdness of tattoos when I am older in places that I cant hide!
I like tattoos on SOME guys but as a general rule I would not date someone with a tattoo. I wouldnt like it if DH got one either.


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Feb 8, 2008
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As long as they only have a few and they are aren't demons or skulls
I would like to get my childrens names and birthdays tattooed someday if I ever get over my fear of needles.


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As a rule, no. Neither DBF nor I have any but I would be willing if we went together and each got something that was very small and meaningful to us as a couple. (We are getting married eventually; just don't know when and no hurry.) But he doesn't like them at all so that's out.

I do have to tell you though - I have a friend whose daughter passed away at the age of 16. My friend, in her understandable state of grieving, had her daughter's picture from the neck-up tattooed on her upper arm. It is beautifully done but it creeps me out


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Apr 2, 2009
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Both DH (54 y.o) and I (45 y.o.) have a couple of tattoos in places that, depending on the type of clothing we wear, are hidden. Our tats are symbolic for times/things in our lives and are tastefully done (my personal opinion here) - not "scratch artist" tats. Thankfully, the old misconception that only certain types of people have tattoos seems to have gone by the wayside. It is my opinion that you can't judge a book by its cover - TRUE beauty comes from within.


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Mar 31, 2009
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Depends on the tattoo. One of my sons has a couple, one of them I drew for him. Didn't know that's what he was going to do with it, but the tattoo artist did a great job on it.

He's a firefighter and at work they call him Eeyore because his voice never varies, he doesn't get excited and high pitched. (I would call him that for other reasons sometimes.
) Anyway, he asked me to draw a picture of Eeyore leaning against his firefighter shield, which is a maltese cross, with his arms crossed. He came in the next week to show me his new tattoo, across his shoulder blade.


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They have always struck me as egotistical and a bit silly, and I have never been tempted to spend money on one. But I won't judge others who have them.


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Not quite 30 but knockin' on the door
maybe it won't answer

I do not like tattoos on men or women

I just think it is distasteful looking JMO My DH too calls them what enola said her BF calls them when on women. Sometimes I see things that I find to be pretty artwork but still.....perm. on your body? I just don't get it

This opinion is just honest and not intended to hurt feelings of fellow tattooed BYC members
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