lame chick....8-9 wks old araucanna

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7 Years
May 27, 2012
Good Morning....Hope someone can help me. I have a chick who is approx 8-9 wks old. one of 13. I noticed it was laying down alot so investigated and found it was lame on it's legs. can't decide which one...jsut seems to be weak. I separated it into a crate with lots of food and water. Eatting like crazy so I decided it must have been kept from the food. It's been two days of eatting and resting. Doesn't get up hardly at all but still eatting and drinking. How long do I let it go....It's doesn't appear to be suffering at all...eyes clear...feathered nicely...I don't know what to look for ???? I have it back on chick starter(purina-Med) it was on flock raiser for about a couple weeks...thanks

It may have got injured. How long had it been like this?
I think about three days. That's what I was thinking....but I can't figure it out. but it is still eating well and drinking. If I hold stands for a minute and then lays back down. just seems weak....un able to stand up.
All I can do is watch it at this point. I'd appreciate any in put or advice !!!! thank you !!!
I have a chick that was weak in the legs from the beginning. His name is Stumpy. I fed him on lots of we mash by hand. I mixed in electrolytes and vitamins, the kind you mix with water. I fed him 3-5 times a day. He will never walk properly, but he is able to move around as he needs.

Im not saying that yours has anything like Stumpy's problems, but it might be good to try vitamins and electrolytes. Maybe up his protein to help build muscle.
THANKS... I started him on them today. just a little in his water. He is eating very well. I take him out and massage his legs and stretch them out and there are no complaints. Thanks for the tips. If stumpy can do I have stumpy 2. lol..

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