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    Sep 6, 2008
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    One of my Barred Rock hens seems to be lame in her left leg. She was fine this morning when I left for work, out running and scratching with the rest of them. This afternoon when I got home, she was sitting in the coop alone, while everyone else was still outside. And she wasn't on the roost, just sitting on the floor of the coop. She is my least tame bird, and as I approached her, she attempted to walk away, but is limping badly. I observed that she doesn't want to bear weight on her left leg. She did jump up on the roosting pole, but laid almost on her side, if you can picture that. Once everyone began to shuffle in for dark, she hopped to the floor again.

    I don't know what she could have done. Bottoms of her feet look fine, and no cuts or anything. No apparent injury to her leg, that I can see. She is the only hen I've seen my rooster try to mate with, but I haven't seen him pester her. I just am not sure what to suspect or do. And advice? I plan on picking her up once everyone is roosted after dark, and see if I can get a better look once it's dark & they're quiet.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Did you see this thread? Hen can't stand up today!

    They are talking about the hens hip getting popped out of place by the rooster.

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